Expert Tips for Your Marketing Strategies

Expert Tips for Your Marketing Strategies

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Digital Marketing

With the popularity of social media, it seems logical for a smart marketing campaign to take advantage of those platforms. In today’s online marketplace, any company that doesn’t have a strong social media presence is wasting a vital opportunity.

Blogging and Social Media – A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

One of the most impactful ways for your company to make the most of its social media presence is to use a blog which works in tandem with your social media campaign. People are drawn to blogs about subjects which interest them. They can also be drawn by features such as recipes, gossip, style tips, promotions or coupons. They may also be drawn to a blog written by a celebrity or influencer.

When your marketing blog and social media presence are linked, it will result in increased site traffic, produce conversions and build your potential and actual customer base.

Crafting a blog that prompts its readers to visit your social media page or your company website takes careful and skillful planning. There are several aspects which should be strategically included:

Graphic Design – Back to the Drawing Board

It’s pretty much a given: if you want someone’s attention, you first have to capture their attention. One powerful way to get someone to read your blog is to use attention-grabbing graphics. Whether it’s photos, illustrations or even just a well-chosen font, your graphic design is what “gets your foot in the door” of the readers’ attention.

Once you get their attention, the content of your blog should pique their interest and compelling them to buy your products. Keep all the graphic design on your blog (and in your social media presence) consistent not only with the initial graphic design image, but with the desired outcome of the marketing campaign. (For example, although having a celebrity as your blog author can lead more people to read the blog, be sure the content ultimately drives sales of your product rather than cater to fans of the celebrity.)

SEO – Ascend the Search Engine

Once your graphic designs attract readers, using principles of SEO (search engine optimization) can increase your ability to attract prospective clients.

SEO involves strategic planning of your content. To use SEO, carefully strategize with your marketing team the phrases or terms a typical potential customer would use; if they want to find your products. When you use those keywords, your company has a greater chance to be listed as part of the search results.

Another way to increase SEO is to update your blog frequently. The best way for a company to move up in popularity on a search engine is to have a blog which is visited and shared by many users. Sharing a link to your blog in as many places you can is a smart marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click – Outsource Your Ads

One marketing strategy which often generates additional clients is using a pay-per-click service. This strategy uses a host website to post ads for your company. Each time someone clicks on that ad, your company pays a set fee to the host site.

Many companies have found using pay-per-click to be an effective way to drive potential clients to your company’s landing page. Host sites will target specific markets and locales to attract potential clients. Since you only need to pay the host site per click, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the host site. If a host site doesn’t generate sufficient clicks, you can change host sites.

Using these strategies to increase traffic to your website is a smart investment of your marketing department’s time and energy.